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O-Range 360 Exhaust-Integrated Gas Range

Cook your specialty party dish or a simple family meal like a PRO with O-Range 360 Exhaust Integrated Gas Range. Designed with efficiency in mind, the exhaust-integrated gas range has two burners, a built-in range hood and heating cabinet for its most basic set-up making it a complete cooking facility.

The O-Range 360 was developed with the challenge of preserving the nutritional value in the food during cooking. Its free standing design makes it easy to install for interior home decoration purposes. Its multi-function facilities make it a boon in using energy more effectively.

It also comes with an option of a built-in oven steamer or a built-in sterilizer along with the 2 burner and cooker top standard feature of every unit. Apart from its integrated function, here are some of the superb features of O Home O-Range 360 Exhaust-integrated Gas Range.

The O-Range 360 at its best is a super versatile and elegant cooking appliance that is energy efficient. Guaranteed capable of handling all your cooking requirements, it is definitely one to include in your home must-have wish list.


That Chinese cuisine is known for its stir-frying method in food preparation? This method cooks processed ingredients at high heat for a short period of time. Edible oil is used as the heat conductor. Due to the short period of time involved in the process, ingredients largely keep their nutritional value.


O-Range 360’s main feature is its built-in cooker hood that absorbs the harmful smoke produced by cooking, thereby making the air free of pollutants that may be hazardous to health.

Because of its suction capacity recognized to be 99% efficient, it does not only rid the air of pollutants but of odors too.

The high powered gas burners of O-Range 360 allows food to be cooked faster due to the high heat from the burners and in the process locks in the nutritional value of the ingredients.

With the efficiency of cooking food with O-Range 360, it allows for more time to bond with family members and loved ones.

  • The basic component of the Supra Gas Range is a)its two gas burners with 4.2 /KWH BTU, b)its integrated cooker top for smoke exhaust, c)its heating cabinet or an option to have steamer oven or sterilizer cabinet.
  • The heating cabinet can be used to dry and sanitize the dishes. While steamer oven, you can do baking, roasting and steaming. Sterilizer cabinet comes with ultra violet for a more thorough cleaning of kitchen equipment and the like.
  • A safe distance between the gas stove and the integrated exhaust inlet is the main innovation for this item. This manages smoke from cooking to get into the eyes and face of the cook and possible incidence of accidental fire.
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